September 01, 2015

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Five years ago, I started a blog called Red Booty Woman. I've had some wonderful experiences and some painful ones as well. A lot of them have been played out in this community we call blogland. Looking back, it's been a valuable experience and I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade it away for anything.

The time has come to say, "goodbye".

I haven't been 'present' for a few months, and there are a few reasons for my absence. The main one is that our relationship has changed, grown and has taken a different path. If I were to delve into labels, I would say we are no longer a traditional DD couple.  Now we have some other letters as well. But labels are pointless. It's working for us. It's exciting and the vulnerability is occasionally a bit scary. I am not comfortable sharing every detail here anymore. Even picking and choosing what to share seems too much.

We're also about to make a major international move...into a different culture, language, food.  Packing up everything we own, deciding what to take, what can be purchased in the new country and what to put into storage. On the other side of the world from family and friends...and life in English. But different can be very exciting.

This is goodbye. I am keeping my profile and may pop up on your blog in the future. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with me. Please feel free and welcome to email me at I'd love to hear from you.


June 02, 2015

It Started With a Lie

It started with a little lie. Just one. That was the thought that went through her mind, just as he took hold of her wrists and growled into her ear. How could she deceive her true love by holding back the information that while he thought they were trying to have a child, she was secretly taking birth control?

What would happen when he found out? Could their relationship survive the deception? Ash trembled as she wondered how Ben would punish her.


Here's an excerpt:

Ashley thought she would die if she didn’t come. The vibration in her ass had turned her to jelly, her body quivering for Ben. “Please,” she whispered when he broke their kiss. She had his shirt in her fist, and she pulled it toward her, trying to drive despite the fact that she was on the bottom.

Thankfully, Ben let her. He took her with one penetrating stroke, entering to the hilt and staying there while she squirmed under him. She wrapped her legs around his back to pull him in deeper, lifting her hips to move him inside her.

Ben palmed the place where her neck met shoulder, holding her in place as he withdrew and entered once more, with force.

She moaned wantonly. “I need you…I need you, please.”

Ben’s mouth stretched into a wolfish grin, his teeth gleaming dangerously. He backed out and slammed in again, his eyes glittering gold, his expression hungry. He reached toward his pants still around his legs and she thought he would pull them off, but instead he retrieved a small electronic device.

Suddenly, the rate of vibration in her ass increased. She screamed, shoving her pelvis against him, trying desperately to get relief. Ben thankfully began to thrust inside her, shoving all the way in with a bone-jolting force.

“Oh God, yes. Please…”

“I love it when you beg,” he murmured, his voice thick. He slammed into her again and again, taking her with the violence she craved, each stroke too much, too hard, each withdrawal too soon.

It seemed her entire body split open to him, her heart burst wide, her body completely his. She no longer squirmed or writhed or tried to direct the action, because working against him would have painful results. She gave herself over to him completely, his rag doll, his marked mate, open for his seed.

“Come for me, Ashley,” he said in a guttural tone and slammed deeply inside at the same moment he tugged the cord for the anal vibrator, pulling it through the tight ring of her sphincter muscles and leaving it half way out, stretching her wide with its buzzing girth. She shattered, her pussy clenching, her internal muscles contracting in wave after wave of mind-blowing release. It seemed to go on forever—both his orgasm and hers. She swore she felt the searing heat of his cum inside her, sensed the way her body joyfully received it, milking his cock and propelling it deep inside her. When at last, her muscles stopped their fluttering, Ben eased the vibrator the rest of the way out, but left his enormous cock inside her.

Without a doubt, this was the perfect way to make a baby. It had been a nearly-religious experience and the euphoria flowing through her now was only interrupted by one thought: she’d screwed everything up.

Because of her deceit, there would be no wolf-pup conceived that day. The pill would prevent it, and her soon-to-be husband had no idea of her sabotage.

She turned her head to the side as hot tears leaked from her eyes.

Ben kissed them away, the tenderness of his response only making her feel worse. He thought they were from the incredible orgasm, not the wracking guilt that darkened her chest. Easing out and settling beside her, he pulled her into his arms, kissing her face and hair, nibbling on her ear. “Te quiero...te amo.

More tears. “I love you, too, Ben.”

He held her until her body stopped trembling and their temperature returned to normal.

“I’m going to go to the restroom and then I’ll make us some lunch,” she murmured, slipping out of his embrace. In the bathroom, she unzipped the cosmetic bag where she hid the pills and stared at them with disgust. Her stomach clenched and she wanted to throw up. If only she could throw up the half month’s worth she’d already taken. She wondered what would happen if she stopped taking them today. Was there still a chance for pregnancy? And if so, would the baby be healthy, or would the pills cause some abnormality?

The sound of the door opening behind her made her jump and gasp, yanking her hand with the pills behind her back as she spun to face Ben.

He froze.

It was stupid to try to trick him—he had shifter instincts she couldn’t understand. His hearing and eyesight were ten times better than hers. 
His expression showed nothing, but any doubt she had of whether he saw something faded when he said in a deadly voice, “What’s that, Ash?”
The Alpha's Punishment is the follow up to The Alpha's Hunger when we first met Ben and Ash.  This is another smoking hot story from Renee Rose.  She is one of my favourite authors in the spanking/discipline genre and this book has not disappointed. I read it in one sitting. I hope you'll enjoy it as well!


May 28, 2015

Irresistable Attractions - Private Spanking Club

A couple of weeks ago I opened my email to find one from a long favoured author of spanking/discipline erotica fiction. Cara Bristol. She asked if I would permit her to write a guest blog about her new book, Irresistable Attractions. Is the Pope Catholic? Does the sun rise and set every single day of the year? Of course, I said yes. 

I also said yes to reading the book and writing a review for her, but that has been temporarily tabled for a few weeks due to some issues that have come up in my personal life. But, fear not, Cara Bristol, write one for you, I shall. 

Here is the author herself to tell you about what she's been up to recently in the DD fiction genre. 

One of the first things I learned about domestic discipline was how isolated practitioners seem to be. In BDSM, Doms and subs can meet at munches and play at clubs. But for DD practitioners, about the only source of public connection is the internet, where DD practitioners openly communicate, but under the cloak of anonymity. Spanking bloggers often write about hiding their lifestyle from their children, their families, and their friends, of the difficulty in finding a quiet time and place to spank.
What if it didn’t need to be that way? What if there was an organization, not unlike a BDSM club, where members could associate and be free to be who they are? What would an organization like that look like? What would be the protocols? The rules?

That idea inspired the Rod and Cane Society, a series of novels and novellas, about a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline. Each book profiles the romantic and spanking relationship of a different couple in the organization. To date, six books have been written, with more planned. Each novel of the series is a stand-alone, but the Society has grown and evolved.

Although members are open amongst themselves, Rod and Cane places a premium on privacy. Prospective members are vetted and must sign a confidentiality agreement. Security is tight. Guards are stationed outside the inner sanctum, and members must “badge in” using a reader afterhours. Violating confidentiality is a serious offense and leads to official “sanctioning.”

I patterned the Rod and Cane Society after a male-dominated, even chauvinistic “old boys” club. That’s how it debuted in book one, Unexpected Consequences. Only males served on its Board of Governance. Women couldn’t even become full-fledged Rod and Cane members, but were relegated to its’ Wives Auxiliary. But in book two, False Pretenses, the society is outed by an undercover reporter, which spurs the beginning of change and greater openness within the society.  

Rod and Cane is headquartered in a Victorian mansion and is filled with artwork of rosy-bottomed women. There is a two-way viewing mirror that separates the governance chamber from the disciplinary chamber where official sanctions are meted out.

The disciplinary chamber features prominently in the just-released Irresistible Attractions. Thinking no one will know, the cleaning girl decides to try out the equipment. But she forgets about the viewing window…

An excerpt from Irresistible Attractions

Vacuuming finished, she wound the cord around the cleats and pushed the machine into the hall, remembering how she’d gotten flustered and left it on the elevator. Jordan Bevy must have thought she was a ditz. Naturally she would make an ass of herself in front of the sexiest man she’d ever encountered. He made the guys at her college look like little kids.

Hannah halted in the doorway giving the room a final perusal. Spic and spank. Dust free. Paddles aligned in neat rows. Benches polished.

She eyed her favorite. Gorgeous cherry grain. Slick, smooth leather, the kind resistant to sweat stains, she suspected. In her fantasies, she knelt on that bench. Dare she try it out for real? Doing so violated the rules, but it wouldn’t disturb anything, and tonight might be her sole chance. Amberlyn would come back—or Tidy Titans would replace her. Either way, she’d never be alone in the mansion again.

Before she lost her nerve, she strode to the apparatus. Spastic butterflies beat frantic wings in her stomach as she knelt on the lower padded seat and relaxed her torso atop the upper one. She wiggled her wrists into the leather loops attached to the front legs. She peeked over her shoulder at her reflection and winced at her big booty, covered in unattractive gray wash-and-wear cotton poly. Not her best feature. Why couldn’t she have had a cute little butt to go along with her short stature?

Hannah freed her hands from the restraints and tugged up the skirt. Her lace thong left her backside near naked. Twisting her arm, she swatted one pasty cheek. Smack! Smack! Buns of steel? More like jiggles of Jell-O. She slapped herself several more times. It was hard to get a good swing. If only she had longer arms…

Or an implement.

Hannah scurried to the wall and snatched a short, slender cane then hopped back on the bench and hiked her dress over her waist again.

She tapped herself with the rod. More kiss than slap, it imparted only a slight sting. Tightening her grip, she swung a little harder. Ow! She wiggled her bottom. Nice tingle, but it disappeared too fast.
She was so bad. This was breaking every rule and some that hadn’t been written yet. Tidy Titans’ Rule No. 35: Do not try out clients’ spanking equipment.

Hannah giggled and landed another strike on her bottom. “You’re a naughty girl,” she chided aloud, imagining her fantasy man saying it. But, this time, he had Jordan Bevy’s face.
“Yes, you are a naughty girl,” boomed Jordan’s very real voice.

Irresistible Attractions Blurb

College student Hannah Laurie works nights for a cleaning service. Among its clients is the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of domestic discipline practitioners. As she cleans the mansion headquarters, she becomes fascinated by the idea of being spanked. One evening, she surrenders to the impulse to try out the equipment in the secret disciplinary chamber.

Millionaire cyber security magnate Jordan Bevy, Rod and Cane’s disciplinary proctor, ensures the rules of the organization are followed to a T. Using the disciplinary chamber for personal pleasure is strictly forbidden. But when he catches the shy little cleaner girl trying out the equipment, what’s a fellow to do but bend the rules and give her a hand?

Everything seems like fun and games, until their relationship deepens and their respective worlds collide and clash. Can a lowly cleaner girl ever find acceptance in her boyfriend’s monied world?
All Rod and Cane Society novels are written to be read as standalones.

About Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new sub-genres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown step-kids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

May 12, 2015

The 5:30 Pre-emptive Spanking

I am not a morning person by any stretch of the definition. AND the only 5:30 of the clock that I generally recognize has a PM after it. As in the evening, not the morning. I can get up and start the day at 5:30 if I absolutely had no other choice, but don't expect to hold a conversation with me as my brain hasn't woken up enough to transmit the words to my mouth.

So to be given the news that we were going to start out the day on Saturday with a pre-emptive spanking at 5:30 am left me a bit rankled. Who spanks at that time in the morning? I'd rather be sleeping until the alarm goes off.

Can I sleep through it since its not going to be as hard or long as a punishment?

We were due to drive 2 hours out of the city to attend the baptism of my new nephew that was going to start at 9 am., which meant we had to be on the highway at 7 am, in the car by 6:45 am, after having breakfast, showering and getting dressed up. Which meant the spanking needed to be on the schedule for 5:30 am.

I had been looking forward to this event for several weeks, but a major problem arose when I was given some information about one of my sisters-in-law. I was deeply offended and hurt, which were masked under a blanket of anger. It took several days of fretting to be able to release the anger and try to approach the situation at all.

My next reaction was to want to try and work out the problem, to have a conversation and talk about what had happened and was happening. To approach the problem in a more positive way. After all, marriage into my family made us sisters. Talk about the problem... that's what adults do in a situation like this... especially one that involves family. Sounds reasonable, right? Yeah, well... this sister-in-law is not comfortable with discussing anything unpleasant and would walk away and then pretend there isn't a problem. So no discussion was going to take place.

That left me with the prospect of a family event where our relationship was strained and uncomfortable. Now I was dreading the day. I had debated about not attending but ultimately decided that my nephew deserved to have as many family members present for his special day and it would hurt my brother if I skipped out. So I went but was dreading it now.

Which brought me to a spanking to remind me that however I chose to act or react that day, that I needed to make some good choices and remember that I would face more of the same if I gave into my temper and reacted without thinking. Those are good reasons for a pre-emotive spanking, right?

It wasn't the hardest spanking I've ever received, nor was it the lightest. It was just enough that the sting and burn was felt for the 2 hour drive and later into the day. It turned out that my sister-in-law and I have yet to talk about the problem (her choice not mine) but with the support of the rest of the family will hopefully reach an understanding.

BUT... 5:30 a.m for a spanking! Ungodly hour for such an event! Geez!

May 11, 2015

Watching You

We had been in the car for an hour, driving on secondary roads through countryside that was starting to wake up to springtime. You were lost in thought; your right hand holding the steering wheel, your left one tapping a beat on your thigh to the music on the radio.

I turned slightly so that I could watch you. Your hair is thinning a bit and you have bits of grey... when did that start? You have nice ears... not too big or small. Your ears are particularly cute when they turn red if you're embarrassed. I've teased you about it many times.

I let my eyes roam over each of your features, stopping for a moment of appreciation. You have broad shoulders that willingly carry so much. Sometimes I wonder if the load is too much for you at times. Do my words or behaviour make that load too heavy? Is that why you checked out emotionally when you did?

The music on the radio and the gorgeous weather outside the car led to a peaceful feeling inside the car. I've worked hard and so have you at healing the cracks between us and we've reached an accord of sorts. We're each commited to the future and there are some big plans in the future, but have we determined that we're happy? I wonder if you think about this as well.

I look back at you and finish my perusal. I follow the line of one of your arms down to your hand. One of the things that attracted you to me in those early days were your hands. I love a man's hands. Yours are strong but gentle. You have calluses on your palms and always seem to sporting some minor injury...a cut, a bruise. Soft, wimpy hands you definitely don't have. They can be soft and gentle in a caress and holy hell, can they be hard if they are spanking bottom flesh.

Further down, my eyes stop at your knees. You have nice knees and they sure look sexy in a kilt. That thought makes me smile and chuckle. The sound catches your attention and you glance over. You smile, take my hand and kiss my knuckles. We sit like that, holding hands and be silent, letting the music roll around us and the sunlight warm the car.

In the past, such a situation would make me feel happy and content. After thinking about your physical self, I put my head back on the seat and wondered about your thoughts, about your heart and dreams. Are you happy right now or are you going through the motions of existing? You used to talk to me about these things, but to be fair, I used to ask. When did we stop?

What is happiness anyway? We were happy...then we weren't. Are we again? How is happiness reclaimed? 

I'm afraid to ask the questions. Especially since I don't know the answers For myself. 

May 04, 2015

What Resonates With You?

Of the photos/sayings attached, which resonates the most with you?

April 26, 2015

Nude picture

It was to be a special surprise. Could I do it? Have a nude photo taken of myself for you? Show all my imperfections?

Yes, I could do it.

I will do it.

I spent a lot of time planning the details, to make sure it was something you would like, something you would treasure. Keep it somewhere private, only to be taken out when you were alone.

What would I wear? Where would I take the photo? How would I pose? My hair, make up... was I shaven? A lot of details...
I was aiming for a combination of sex slave meets gymnast with a touch of pole dancer... and a little bit of happy homemaker thrown in.
The last detail was the photographer... someone I knew or a complete stranger? What if there were copies that found their way onto the internet, without my knowledge? I would be so embarrassed.

In the end, I decided for the personal touch. You like that touch, right?

Today was the day. I did it. I took a nude picture. But I have a confession. I'm nervous about how its going to be received. Can I show it to you? Will you tell me what you think about it? How did I do? How do I look?


April 16, 2015

Belt Bottom Busted Brouhaha

didn't realize that he was standing behind my chair until his arm reached over my shoulder to take the cell phone from my hand. “Hmm...Busted.” Crap. 

He swung my chair around to face him as he sat down in front of me. He didn’t say anything as he scrolled through the phone. His eyes rose to meet mine. “Let’s hear it.”

I dropped my head back against the back of the chair and closed my eyes. “I was just checking. It was only a moment. I wasn’t going to do anything else.”

“We’ve talked about this a few times. You know how I feel about it. It’s toxic and it doesn’t do you any good to be involved. In fact, it hurts you, doesn’t it? That crazy woman and her situation keeps you awake at night. It’s a cycle, the more you don’t sleep, the more you start a downward spiral into negative thoughts and self talk. While she's not responsible for you not sleeping or the thoughts, she's one of the factors that starts that cycle. ”

Everything he just said was the truth. I could only sit quietly, with my eyes closed. It was always hard to meet his eyes during uncomfortable lecture moments, when I knew I had let him down.

“But I haven’t had anything to do with her at all. I was just checking Twitter and...”

“Don’t you give me ‘you were only’ or ‘but’... those are excuses and that isn’t being responsible for what you were just doing a moment ago.” Those words were followed by a hard slap to the side of my thigh.

He wasn't done with the lecture. “We sat together while you deleted her from your Twitter account and your blogroll. We talked about the situation and how dangerous she could be and you were part of the decision that you were not to be around her... even to look at what she was up to or talking about.  You agreed to it. And now I find you doing just the opposite.” I could tell that he was glaring now, without even looking at him. 

There was a few moments of silence between us. “You disobeyed me. I was very clear about what the consequence would be if that happened. Right?”

“Yes, sir.” (One of two new rules, different story) “I am sorry. Truly sorry.”

“Thank you for the apology, I know you are.” He reached for one of my hands and kissed my palm. “Let’s take care of this then... I want you to go and get ready for bed while I turn off the lights and lock up. No dawdling, I know how long it takes you to get ready. Pillows on the end of the bed and there is a corner waiting for you. Stand in it and think about this while you wait for me to come in. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I stood up and started to walk to the bedroom. I stopped when he followed me to the door and touched my arm. “I love you.” He wrapped his arms around me and we stood like that for a few minutes, just holding each other. "We're going to have a long discussion about this, but we'll get through it."

I went to start getting ready for bed. A spanking wasn't something I wanted right then. It had been awhile since I had a punishment spanking and my bottom was giving me the message that this wasn’t going to be pleasant. Crap.

I put the pillows on the end of the bed and went to stand in the corner. I struggle with standing in the corner and taking it seriously, but this time, I did just that... took it seriously. What followed was a long discussion between his hand and belt and my bottom. It took longer than he likely planned because there was some moving around, a hand shot back to protect red flesh (both of which led to the discussion starting over from the beginning) and a lot of howling.

In the end my bottom understood and agreed with everything his belt had to say. To be honest, to get his belt to stop striking, my bottom would have agreed to anything. However, one message was definite; my bottom felt a lot of remorse, regret and a renewed commitment to have me obey the belt’s owner.

While there was an intense burn, there was a clean slate and a lot of enthusiastic soothing. I always wish afterwards that the consequences and lesson reinforcement wasn't so enthusiastic.

Oh well... :-D

April 10, 2015

Real Neat Blog Award X2

We'll see how long it takes to write this post with a broken wrist. The doctor said to keep my fingers moving so I'm depending on those to do the job. Please forgive any typing mistakes.

Thank you to Ami and Dana for your nominations. I'll try not to grimace when thinking of the now 14 questions I need to answer

First, the rules:

1. Put the Award Logo in your post
2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3.Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4. Let them know you nominated them.

Now to Ami's questions:

1  What is your favourite season of the year, and why?

 I like something about each of the four seasons, but I enjoy autumn the most. The air is crisp, after the heat and humidity of the summer, the trees are turning into beautiful colours, pumpkins are available which means pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving occurs in October (in Canada) and I love the holiday and there have been some special moments in my life that have occurred in the autumn months as well.

2  Your house is on fire. All humans and pets are safely outside. What is the single item you have saved from destruction?

My red boots.

3  If money were no object and you could have any car you wanted, what would you buy?

I have a long bucket list for travelling and have been fortunate to have checked off a few locations already and have a few coming up. I want to spend my 50th birthday in a hot air balloon in Africa (likely Tanzania) to see the wild migrations. I would love to go to Israel and Jordan and trace the roots of my faith. I'd love to see Machu Pichu in Peru. Too many to list...

I was advised by Ami that I didn't answer this question properly and came back to read it and oops, I didn't. I was thinking travel and she asked about Sorry about that.

My honest answer is that I don't really care about cars. I usually drive an older car that J has rebuilt. I drive a 2001 car right now and love it. It's in amazing shape, has less than 60,000 miles (100,000 kms). Not a very interesting answer, but its about cars this time! 

4  Does your hair colour go with your character? Or would you secretly desire a change?

My hair colour used to be redder, which I would say yes, it matches my character and temper. As I've gotten older, its changed gradually to more of an auburn. One day, I might make a change.
5  What are your three favourite songs?

I don't have specific favourites. I listen to a variety of music, depending on the mood. Classic rock, blues, gospel, celtic, canadiana... anything but that techno house dance crap that gives me a headache.

6  If you were a bird, which would you be and why?

A bird? What kind of bird would I be? How about a magpie? They are beautiful... they hop on the ground, but they are not all they appear to be. When they open their beaks and make a sound, its "unusual".

7  Do you have a collection of anything, and what is it?
Don't laugh. I have a collection of "round things". They sit in a bowl on the coffee table and can be anything that is round. Boring, right?

Dana's questions:

1.  How long have you been blogging?

August 2015 will be my 5th year. I think. 5 years. Or maybe 4 years. That's bad, isn't it? I'll have to look it up before August.

2.  Would you consider a relationship without TTWD?

No. Part of the reason is that I don't know what one would look like without DD/TTWD. But the main reason is that I thrive when TTWD is present, I am safe, cared about, loved, encouraged to be the best person I can be... I am able to love, respect and follow, encourage, support him. It's scary to think of what my life would be without the structure, accountability, closeness of DD.

3.  What do you like best about a DD relationship? What do you like least?

My answer to the benefits is part of the answer above. Although I would add that feeling free to not be totally responsible for all decisions is very freeing. I could do without the punishments, particularly the spankings. However, my brain and heart recognize the benefits of them, my bottom strongly disagrees. My bottom doesn't get a vote though.

4.  Does anyone in your life know about your DD relationship status?

Yes, both family and friends.

5.  What is your funniest DD experience?

The Penis Prank... it has become notorious (which does cause some blushing) in our group. It's not on my blog anymore (deleted last year with the old blog), but I might retell the story again.

6.  What is your partners most creative punishment?

Creative from mine or his perspective? He thinks several of his are creative. The one that comes to mind and was very effective was what he called a Budget Spanking. There was a time, several years ago, where I was having problems keeping to a monthly budget. I also discovered eBay and went a little crazy. I spent a LOT of money on eBay and then managed somehow to "forget" about it and not confess. That was my story at the time. The packages starting arriving and the post office had to use their truck to make repeated trips to the house. Eventually I was found out and had to face punishment. The spankings that happened were budgeted onto one side per spanking. Right bum cheek/thigh was spanked. Next night, left bum cheek/thigh was spanked. Pattern was repeated a few times. "We have a budget and while you haven't followed it, I am going to and budget your spankings one side at a time." Since then I've been banned from eBay without specific permission and supervision and haven't been on the site against his wishes. I've also done much better since then with budgets.

7.  Would you like to meet any blog friends?

I have met several and have plans coming up to meet several more. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that feels close to someone else in blogland.


My nominated bloggers are Clara, Maren Smith, Renee Rose and Cara Bristol. (Maren, Renee and Cara are three of my absolute favourite DD authors and I've read everything they have so far... and am waiting somewhat (im)patiently for something new!) Emails have been sent to notify of the nomination. My questions are as follows:

1. What blog post or story (for the three authors) are you most proud of?
2. What advice would you give your younger self when you were 18 years old?
3. What food item would be "comfort food" for you?
4. What are you wearing right now as you read and answer this question?
5. If I came to your house and went snooping and looked in your beside table drawer, what would I find?
6. Do you have a favourite TV show and/or movie? What is it?
7. Do you have a current goal you are working towards? What is it? If not, where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now in April 2020?

April 02, 2015

Wheel of Fortune - In The Ass

Did you guess it right or were you like every other person that saw this and let your naturally naughty imagination take you somewhere else?

March 28, 2015

An End to Female Dryness - The Spanking

I saw this title on an Outlander blog (minus the spanking) that I follow and if you're a Diana Gabaldon and Outlander fan, you know exactly how true it will be when, in one week, its back! In Canada, the official return is a day later on April 5th.

Incidentally, this new episode is one where Claire is spanked (with Jamie's sword belt) for disobedience that put her life and those of his men in grave danger.

If you want to see a promo for the actual episode, here you go...

To date, the series is following the books very closely so we'll see how much of the spanking will be seen on TV.

Finally, an end to a condition coined as Droughtlander, suffered as a drought of Outlander fans... and of course... an end to female dryness!

March 08, 2015

International Women's Day 2015

March 8th is the International Women's Day. If you don't know about it, just ask Mr. Google.  Sadly, it is not uncommon for women to judge themselves harshly and unfairly. Instead of revelling in our inner beauty, we as a gender, tend to judge ourselves harshly and sometimes find ourselves wanting. 

At times we do not feel as proud or as confident as we should be. We compare ourselves to others, try to find negative traits in them to feel better about ourselves, and we complain about what we don't have. These attitudes and behaviours not only take up too much of our valuable energy, but make us feel resentful and irritable. After all, why should we go about our days feeling this way, when instead we can feel excited to wake up in the morning and be one of those people contributing to other people's happiness? If you're in need of an emotional lift, you can start right now with these encouraging pick-me-ups!

This 5 step list appeared on a blog I follow and thought it might resonate with someone who perhaps needs to find their best self. 

Compliment Someone

We all have those days when we’re feeling a bit off, a little blue, or just plain discouraged. The next time you find yourself trying to positively affirm your way out of a bad mood the best you can do that is to just pay someone a compliment. Tell them they did a great job on a project; that they look radiant; that you appreciate the way they contribute to a team, and so forth. A compliment will not only make that person’s day, but it will make you feel happier knowing that you positively contributed to their good spirits.

Practice Smiling

Did you know that smiling, forced or not, can have a positive effect on your mood, decrease stress levels, and make everyone around you feel better? If you go about your day and your encounters with a smile on your face, not only are you more approachable, but smiles are actually contagious, which as a result, uplifts those around you while boosting your own happy endorphins.

Let Go of Anger

Whether you’re upset at someone for something they did, cannot find any room to forgive them, or are disappointed in yourself for not achieving specific goals, let it go. Let it go because you’re a good person who wants to enjoy life unaccompanied by negative energy. Replace your resentment with compassion by facing, feeling, dealing with, and healing from it. Forgiveness offers you the freedom that you need to embrace.

Complain Less

Learn to enjoy life by not focusing on what is bad, wrong, or why you or someone else didn’t do something. Not only does this pessimistic attitude make us less pleasant to be around, but it fosters negative energy to our surroundings, impacting others. You cannot progress by complaining, you can only do so by implementing ideas. If you need to express issues, write about them first, read it out and decide how you can express your discontent content calmly and be ready with a proposed solution instead.


Do the Unexpected

Does that mean making your own pizza instead of buying one? Booking that Europe trip you’ve been longing for since a decade ago? Whatever it is, you do not want to look back at your prior years with the thought of “What if I did it?” or “Should I have?” Any little act of spontaneity will boost your confidence, as you feel empowered knowing that you can proudly challenge yourself make these decisions and live them wholeheartedly.

Happiness. Such a simple word. I didn't want to post a "poor me" post, so thought this would have a more positive message. For me, as well. I can't find what I need to be happy again. It's not something someone else can do or provide, it has to come from within me and its missing. Desperately missing. I'm going to try these five steps and see if it has an impact. Maybe it will change something.